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Intelligent, dynamic, efficient – find out everything you need to know about logistics during the trade fair. You can book access to the exhibition grounds via the digital trade fair logistics system.



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The digital trade fair logistics system TransITfair

Intelligent & dynamic – For optimised and time-accurate planning of the delivery and collection of your materials and to minimise waiting times, register your vehicles and their arrival times via our new digital trade fair logistics system TransITfair

With TransITfair, you can book time slots for loading and unloading your vehicles and thus benefit from greater predictability, transparency and efficiency during set-up and dismantling.
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Your advantages

Efficiency The uncomplicated online booking of time slots for entry for loading and unloading means that assembly and dismantling can be planned more efficiently and reliably.
Relief for drivers The slots can be booked online in advance. This enables drivers to have a regulated process and smoother access on site.
Reduced waiting times Traffic flows are equalised via intelligent, dynamic control of arrivals and departures, resulting in reduced waiting times at the gates for delivery traffic to access the site.

How it works


1. Registration and slot booking

Register your vehicles online on TransITfair for access to the exhibition centre and book time slots for loading and unloading. Add the driver details to your booking. Your driver will be informed of the planned call-off via e-mail and/or SMS.

2. Register on site

Upon arrival at the lorry parking area at Poststraße 4, 90471 Nuremberg, drivers register at the designated registration areas and receive a confirmation for the booked time slot with directions to the relevant loading yard.

3. Driving in and loading or unloading

At the booked time, the drivers will receive a call (SMS/personal call) to enter the exhibition centre. After loading or unloading in the time slot, the vehicles check out and leave the exhibition centre.


FAQ digital trade fair logistics system

  • Slot booking

    Where do I book an entry slot? 

    An entry slot can be booked via TransITfair. Registration is required for the initial booking.


    When can I book an entry slot?

    All exhibitors will be informed by mail about the start of the booking phase.


    I have booked, what happens next?

    Please enter your driver's details in the system as soon as possible. You can do this immediately after booking the entry slot or at a later date. Inform your driver about the booked entry slot and send the routing slip with it. Your driver will find all further information, time and location details on the routing slip.


    Can you guarantee the entry slot?

    Due to delays in the loading yards and disruptive factors beyond our control, there may also be delays to your entry slot. However, TransITfair dynamically adjusts the entry slots to minimise delays.


    What happens if my entry slot was booked without licence plate and driver details?

    In order for the call-off to take place, the missing data can either be added to the system independently or must be entered at the latest on arrival at the designated check-in area.


    Why can't I book an entry slot for lorries larger than 10 m on the first evening of dismantling? 

    Due to the high volume of smaller vehicles on the first evening of dismantling and for safety reasons, vehicles larger than 10 metres are not permitted to enter on the last day of the event. 


    How much does the entry slot cost? 

    The cost of the entry slot depends on the vehicle category and the vehicle length. You will find an overview of the costs in the logistic directory of the event.


    What payment options are available for entry slots? 

    We offer a variety of payment options like Credit card or PayPal.


    I need to rebook my booked entry slot. Is that possible? 

    Yes, all booked entry slots can still be edited afterwards. However, please note that if you change the vehicle category, you may be asked to pay again if you choose a larger vehicle category.
    Alternatively, you can also change your booking free of charge via our service:

    Service hotline (Service times: Mon-Fri from 08:00 to 18:00)
    Tel: +49 911 86 06 64 00
    E-mail: logistic.support@nuernbergmesse.de


    I need to cancel my booked entry slot. Is this possible?

    Yes, all booked entry slots can be cancelled. Please note, however, that cancellation fees will be charged for cancellations at short notice from 3 days before the date of the booked entry slot and the amount paid will not be refunded or only partially refunded.


    When booking the category 4 (>10m), the booking of a forklift is obligatory. Why is this the case and how can I remove the forklift if it is not needed?
    External forwarding services are not permitted and booking via the trade fair forwarding companies is mandatory. If you do not require a forwarding service, please contact our service hotline:

    Service hotline (Service times: Mon-Fri from 08:00 to 18:00)
    Tel: +49 911 86 06 64 00
    E-mail: logistic.support@nuernbergmesse.de


    What else do I need to consider?

    At TransITfair you will find all important information about the booking after selecting the trade fair.

  • Vehicle types

    To which vehicles does TransITfair of NürnbergMesse GmbH apply? 

    For all vehicles that want to enter the loading yards of the exhibition centre.


    What vehicle categories are there? 

    Category 1: Vehicles up to 5 metres in length 
    Category 2: Vehicles up to 7 metres in length 
    Category 3: Vehicles up to 10 metres in length 
    Category 4: Vehicles with an overall length of more than 10 metres


    I would like to drive in with a car + trailer. What do I have to consider?

    Please select the correct vehicle category for your car with trailer based on the total length of the car and trailer.


    I have accidentally selected the wrong vehicle category. What do I have to do? 

    If you realise this in good time before using the entry slot, you can simply change the vehicle category via TransITfair. If you arrive on-site with a larger vehicle than selected, you may be denied access to the site until the correct vehicle category has been selected for your entry. This may result in longer waiting times, especially if there are no spaces available for the correct vehicle category at the selected time. Selecting the correct vehicle category is essential for the logistical processes in the loading yards.

  • Entrance to the exhibition centre

    How do I retrieve my entry slot?

    Please note the information on your routing slip.


    Can I enter the exhibition centre without pre-registration? 

    It is not possible to enter the exhibition centre without prior registration. Registration is possible and necessary either in advance via TransITfair or on-site at the designated check-in areas. We recommend that you book your entry slot in advance to avoid long waiting times. Please also note that entry slots that are only booked on the same day will cost more due to the short notice of the booking.


    What happens if I do not arrive at the time stated on the routing slip?

    Please register at the check-in area indicated in the logistic directory. TransITfair will try to allocate you the next possible entry slot. Alternatively, you can also change your booking free of charge via our service hotline.

    Service hotline (Service times: Mon-Fri from 08:00 to 18:00)
    Tel: +49 911 86 06 64 00
    E-mail: logistic.support@nuernbergmesse.de


    Do I need a set-up and dismantling pass in addition to the entry slot routing slip? 

    Once the vehicle driver has been personally assigned to the entry slot and registered in advance or on site, they do not require a set-up and dismantling pass. Please note, however, that any other vehicle occupants will still require personalized set-up and dismantling passes. Persons who do not have valid passes must leave the vehicle before entering the site and register with the staff at the entrance gate. In this case, only the driver of the vehicle will be granted access to the site.

  • Loading and unloading

    What do I have to do if I need a forklift service for loading or unloading?

    Please add the required service to your booking. On-site ordering is possible - but there may be longer waiting times.


    My exhibit is heavier than 3 tonnes and/or larger than 3 metres x 2 metres x 2 metres (lxwxh). When can it be delivered? 

    As the halls and the hall aisles are usually very full during set-up, these exhibits must be delivered as early as possible. Either directly on the morning of the first set-up day or, if possible, during the early set-up period (subject to a charge). The reverse is also true for dismantling. In this case, collection can only take place towards the end of dismantling. If these periods are not observed, proper delivery of these exhibits can no longer be guaranteed.

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